We’ve been teased a lot about what the Dollhouse ‘attic’ might be.  Given that the most recent episode was named The Attic – you are right to believe we got a taste of the place.  More than a taste. We learned that it’s people in 100 different locations, all of their brains working like a giant supercomputer.

I’ve enjoyed getting to know Echo as a personality, and it might be what we’ve been missing this entire time. Another thing we’d been missing was that sense of a group unity – which has only been building in the past four or five episodes. The end of this episode told us that we have an even stronger team than we know, but it also leads us to believe that Echo will be going away for Caroline to surface.

Adelle DeWitt was disappointing us for most of this episode (she’s the Lilah Morgan of our show. ) Hearing that Adelle would like to change Paul‘s personality and even go so far as to fix him up only to be a doll, without hardly the bat of a curled eyelash? That’s discouraging! How did she go from seeming almost-friendly to this? I didn’t want to have to justify it. Of course, every show needs more than just one vague ‘bad guy’ and it’s better when they’re an in-house baddie. (No pun intended there, I swear.) The end of the episode completely was not where I thought Adelle was going. Did anyone see that coming? Let’s hope Rossum doesn’t.


– “Wait, don’t shut up for a second… you might be onto something.” – Topher

– Eating dead flesh, chopped off limbs, sex with dead people… this wasn’t what you would call an easy episode to watch.

– The serial killer was a British geek. And his name was picked because, “I thought it was badass?”

Joss Whedon really loves dream sequences, huh?

– The song at the end was No, I Don’t Remember by Anna Ternheim. Lyrics: No I don’t remember What brought us to this What places we blindly passed What turns we missed When things really mattered And we really cared When simply being was easy Just having you there