She's an icy bitch, no one is debating it.

She's an icy bitch, no one is debating it.

Was I really alone in thinking Claire and Tracy were going to kiss in the Heroes episode this Monday night? They didn’t, so we don’t have to process that. We did, however, get a nifty little visual. …You’re thinking of something dirty now, aren’t you?

The visual I’m TALKING about is when Tracy’s powers were going berserk (for no real reason other than she was nervous – that’s poor writing) so she got into a tub full of steaming water. Maybe we should have predicted it, but in only a few minutes even this hot water started freezing around her. Inexplicably, she didn’t notice it at first. But when I saw a colossal ice cube forming around her I cemented my fun, new irrational fear of bathtubs freezing me into the tub like that. Hooray!

Either way, I thought that was very cool. And I will continue to think this unless it happens to me. But no worries – I usually have my superpowers under control.

Sirlinksalot: Heroes

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