There are plenty of TV shows that will draw a line from the script and use it as a title. But not even on The Hills has a TV show title been so crass and juvenile as the one for the most recent episode of Ringer.

The offending title? “What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?” It’s sweet that they actually hyphenate it, like that will somehow make it seem more professional. But why is this in the script? Does the snotty attitude seem “edgy” to execs?

Seriously, SMG (Sarah Michelle Gellar), if you have any pull over this show how can you let this happen? I never thought you could get worse press than you had for being snobby and unavailable to fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But now I have to question your judgement? But it’s not just her fault, no. We also have to wonder what is up with the writer of this episode, Hank Chilton. What’s up, Hank?

We’ve put all of the Ringer Episode Titles so far into three categories: Passable, Melodramatic and Laughable. See the results below.


She’s Ruining Everything
The Poor Kids Do it Every Day
If You Ever Want a French Lesson
Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead
It Just Got Normal


A Whole New Kind of Bitch
That’s What You Get For Trying to Kill Me


Oh Gawd, There’s Two of Them?
Shut Up and Eat Your Bologna
What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?