The CW has a new promo to promote their primetime TV shows that works with the theme that they own the night. The lineup of shows telling the stories (as if you weren’t already familiar with it!) includes Gossip Girl, Hellcats,  90210, One Tree Hill, Nikita, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and Smallville. (Life Unexpected is canceled and was not included.)

caroline and tyler

Because of the dark tone, the darker dramas seem to have more screen time. The CW also wants to promo their newer shows. But some fans on the Youtube page for this song are angry that Smallville wasn’t afforded more time in the video. What do you guys think? Maybe Smallville will get a special farewell promo?

The song in this CW Promo is not one we can name at this time. We can say it’s apparently not by Kesha (Ke$ha) or by Jason Derulo. It is also not by The Donnas. Apparently, there are a hell of a lot of songs that use this title. It is possible this is a piece of original music commissioned by The CW.

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