bones-foxInexplicably, every time I sit down to watch Bones I’m find myself trying to eat. This proves problematic as within the first 15 minutes of the show they subject viewers to gruesome images of decaying flesh and cracked skull bones. Every time I think I’ll beat the system. But every time I am DEFEATED, having to pause the episode to eat OR give up the idea of eating (which is kind of a great dieting method…). You know, I actually have a rule about eating during horror movies, and it’s a very simple rule: “I refuse.” Well, it’s more about an inability to do it.

Now that I’ve established that I really-and-truly don’t like gross things, even though I do like the show Bones – it’s time to tell you a totally creepy thing I want them to feature in an episode! A body farm. Yea. Well if our ‘friends’ (they won’t take my calls, whatever) at are to be believed (notorious liars that they are, I still find comfort in their words) then body farms are REAL. Yea. As in, there are actual farms where you’ll find rotting bodies just hanging out in wheelbarrows and falling off of tractors. It’s not the playground for a serial killer (although they could probably use this as a handy dumping ground…uh, creepy) it’s for SCIENCE.

For that reason, Dr. Brennan (Emily Dechanel) would probably love it.  People do lots of crazy things in the name of science, but this actually has merit.Forensic scientists use body farms to see how bodies decay in various ways. So really, it’s actually way more probable than you thought for you to be stumbling around in Tennessee (or: Texas, North Carolina) and find that you’re suddenly at a dead man’s party. BYOBones!

It could be the creepiest setting the show has ever seen.  And I’d probably never eat again.

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