It takes a lot for  something to make South Beach seem pathetic. But The Catalina managed it.

THE CATALINA "Pilot" Pictured (L-R): Kris, David, Nancy Sayegh, Vicky Serra, Eyal, DeDe, Karina Karina d’Erizans, Nathan Lieberman, Stephanie Andron, and Morgan More. Gene Page/The CW © 2012 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Dismal and disgusting, after watching The Catalina I had felt like I should watch an episode of Jersey Shore just to feel clean again. That’s how bad it was.

There was nothing about The Catalina to like. Certainly not the cast of characters (who are all stiffly boring, even when they seem to be acting with a script), the hotel (it looked deserted, low rent and poorly run), or even the opening titles (which seemed to come out of a 90’s vault of cheesy graphics.)

I set out to watch this series, rooting for it. I want The CW to have more than just one reality TV show that’s good.  I mean, especially since  America’s Next Top Model has gone downhill.Now, I feel rage. I’m angry. Why would a show this bad ever get green lit? It’s not even the kind of bad that you want to watch (like Jersey Shore, or most Bravo reality shows about houewives.) IT can’t even reach “so bad it’s good” status.

Well… I still have hope for Breaking Pointe.

Question: Would you stay in a hotel after seeing it featured on a reality show that showed that the cast was incompetent and the entire place was badly run?

The Catalina premieres Tuesday, May 29th (8pm/7c) on The CW.

The Catalina Review. Photo: THE CW