Snakes. Creepy Clowns, The History of Trains! Carrie Bradshaw could have written about any of these things. But she was led towards sex. And those with fear of clowns can be especially glad about that. In the meantime, let’s discuss the highlights of The Carrie Diaries episode, “The Safety Dance.”

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The Carrie Diaries “The Safety Dance” Review

More and more often, I’m finding instances where I see Robb channeling Sarah Jessica Parker’s incarnation of the Bradshaw character. It helps pull The Carrie Diaries closer towards Sex and the City, which I think all fans wanted. Another thing that pulls the shows closer? The sex! We had to wait a season for it, but our Carrie, and the show, are maturing. It’s cute to see how different she is about sex as a high school girl. Instead of walking down the streets while talking about sizes and shapes of male anatomy, at this age, Carrie isn’t even comfortable looking at condom packages in stores.

I think it was really smart to have this episode explain exactly why Carrie came about writing about sex. She dates a writer who gives her the advice to write about what scares her the most, and that just happens to be sex.

A nice distraction from the episode was seeing Samantha and Larissa talk about everything from sex, shoes and threesomes.

Mouse’s storyline continues to be predictable, as her character remains annoying and unstylish. Sigh.

Then there’s Maggie, whose pregnancy storyline is shedding light on what a teenager getting pregnant in high school was like in the 80’s. I wanted Maggie to shake the ever-living snark out of Simon, and threaten to out him to his fiancee and her father if he didn’t help support her in WHATEVER she wanted to do.

But let’s talk about what was really shocking. One of the biggest surprises of this episode had to do with a prop. These days, I can’t imagine not having at lest one laptop or tablet within reach at all times. But back in the 80’s? People were using typewriters. They had to use white-out. It was seriously another world. And I vaguley remember using white-out, it was messy and annoying as eating Chinese food and then not having floss in your purse. (Which happened to me yesterday, and it was AWFUL.)

Hopefully, we’ll get more progression of the series in terms of the sex and city parts, with keeping the sweet high school charm alive. Walking the line between the two is what makes The Carrie Diaries feel stalled in reaching its true potential.

Best of The Carrie Diaries Quotes in “The Safety Dance”

“College admission anxiety dream? I would kill for an anxiety dream.” – Carrie Bradshaw

“I don’t want to make eye contact with the condoms.” – Carrie Bradshaw

“I guess now I know what I’m gonna write about.” – Carrie Bradshaw

“I am not special.” – Carrie Bradshaw “We both know that’s not true.” – Sebastian

“Bradshaw, write something that makes you smile.” – Sebastian

“Maybe I want my boyfriend to make me feel safe, and cocooned.” – Carrie Bradshaw

“Somehow we both keep ending up together, and alone, at the same time.” – Maggie

“Maybe it’s us, against the world.” – Sebastian

“I like the sound of ‘us.'” – Maggie

“I would rather be cold than be in something that doesn’t feel right.” – Carrie Bradshaw

REACT: Do you think Maggie was unconsciously  trying to sleep with Sebastian so she could say he was the father of her baby?  Do you, like Carrie, have a “burn, because I’m embarrassed I ever wore it” pile of clothes?