Do you know what the significance of the saltines in this episode was? I’ll let you know. Here is my  full review of The Carrie Diaries season 1, episode 2 – titled “Lie with Me”.

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The Carrie Diaries Review – “Lie with Me”

The hills are alive, with the sound of Billy Idol

If Mouse could text, she would have had a much easier way alerting Carrie about Sebastian and Donna at the club. Of course, I could spend the entire review by comparing 2013 to 1984. It was fun to see Larissa’s huge cell phone, though. And every time I see a pay phone I have a little mental squee.

Pinocchio complex

Bitchy Barbara reminds me of Molly Ringwald. Is it just the ginger hair that does it? Maybe. And… oh, Carrie.  She gave up her Dior scarf (one of a kind, no less) to appease Barbara. You know what Winston Churchill said… never, ever, ever give up the Dior! Plus, did she really need to do that to sell her lie? Well, Carrie has taken the “fake it till you make it” approach and run with it, and I actually do approve. No, I don’t like all her lies, but I very much believe in the idea of believing in something to make it true. It’s actually a very psychologically sound piece of advice, especially if you use it to become a more positive person.

Praise for our girl…

AnnaSophia Robb sounds a lot like Sarah Jessica Parker sometimes – and I mean her vocal tone. Plus, the tone of Carrie Bradshaw is so similar. I don’t understand people who are like “nooo they’re ruining Sex and the City” because if you give this show a chance you’ll see that it’s the same character you know and love already. She’s just a little younger, that’s all.

The Carrie Diaries Review Notes – Misc

  • I love the new opening credits. They’re fast and fun. Just how I like ’em.
  • I feel bad for Dorrit. And I wanted to hate her. Well, I didn’t want to. But I thought I would.
  • The four at the lunch table are… like the four on Sex and the City. Walt is like Miranda, Maggie is Samantha, and Mouse is Charlotte. Not exactly, just in a broad sense. (To be clear, I am not saying these characters are exactly like their older counterparts.)
  • Father is telling her not to date a guy, and thinking that doesn’t make him even more attractive? Oh, lordy.
  • The older Carrie Bradshaw loved eating saltines on SATC, nice! In the episode, eating saltines while standing in the kitchen is confessed to be one of Carrie’s guilty personal pleasures.

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