Here are The Carrie Diaries quotes from season 1, episode 3 – “Read Before Use”.

Read Before Use

The Carrie Diaries Quotes – “Lie with Me”

Labels, good or bad?
Carrie Bradshaw: Let’s face it. Life is easier if you read the labels. Like, do not put in dryer. Expiration date: 1 week ago. Everything we wear, everything we eat, they all have labels. They same is true for everyone we know. Stoner. Class Clown. Well-meaning but ultimately clueless class counselor. And, the boy of my dreams.

Aw, cheer up, girl!
Maggie: My parents would never use the word ‘perfect’ to describe me.

We hardly know her, and we expected the same…
Maggie: Are you waiting for me to be the crazy ex-girlfriend?

Carrie: I looked my fear in the face. Or in this case, the vagina.

Remember this, always…
Carrie Bradshaw: I said no. And that’s me, owning my power.

This is true about every word…
Carrie: Oh man, it sounds so much sexier in French.

The Carrie Diaries airs on The CW, starring Anna Sophia Robb. The executive producers are Miguel Arteta, Candace Bushnell, Len Goldstein, Amy B. Harris, Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz.

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Listen, it’s hard for us all…
Mr. Bradshaw: I had no idea it was so hard to buy tampons.

Ah, see, she wanted the Stoueffers French Bread Pizza…
Dorrit Bradshaw: Kids in Ethiopia are eating better than I do.

Remember, she was luring in a hamster, not a boy…
Dorrit Bradshaw: Don’t use the baloney, he’s not interested.

Is it called a kiss trance?
Carrie: As I kissed him, everyone’s opinions about him slipped away.

So true…
Carrie: If I didn’t define who I was and what I wanted, someone else would.

Who doesn’t?
Mouse: These people are so eccentric.
Carrie: Just so you know, they prefer the term “fabulous.”

This is what the critics want to say about this show, even though they’re wrong…
Mr. Bradshaw: You are not the Carrie Bradshaw that I know.

So cute…
I miss my girlfriend.
Mouse: “Say it again.

Have you ever been like this?
Dorrit Bradshaw: I’m a vegetarian.
Tom Bradshaw: Since when?
Dorrit Bradshaw: Last week.

She’s insightful…
Carrie: You called me Carrie.
Sebastian Kydd: That’s your name.
Carrie: But you always call me Bradshaw, unless you’re mad.
Sebastian: Why do you always analyze everything?

The moral of the story…
Carrie Bradshaw: Now I knew what it said on Sebastian’s label: contents under pressure, handle with care. Unfortunately I never bothered to read it. That’s the thing about labels, once in a while they tell us something we need to know. But most of the time they only make things worse. … In reality nothing is as simple as the label we give it. The one thing you have to remember about labels, they only matter if you let them stick.