Here are The Carrie Diaries quotes from season 1, episode 1 – “Pilot”.

carrie diaries pilot

“Pilot”€“ Pictured (L-R): AnnaSophia Robb as Carrie Bradshaw and Matt Letscher as Tom Bradshaw in The Carrie Dairies on The CW. Photo: Giovanni Rufino/The CW ©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

The Carrie Diaries  Quotes – “Pilot”

Carrie Bradshaw Quotes: Manhattan is mine. The same old Carrie Bradshaw from Castleberry Connecticut.

Carrie Bradshaw: They say the key to being a writer is figuring out who you are. Finding your voice. Well that seemed to be the only thing I had found that day.

Tom Bradshaw Quotes: And Dorritt… that is way too much eye makeup.

Carrie Bradshaw Quotes: I have teeth marks on my arm.

Carrie Bradshaw: I need the purse. I need a piece of her.

Carrie Bradshaw: Donna was just twisted enough to think a connection to tragedy would make her that much more compelling.

Maggie: Boob to boob, baby.

Maggie: Even his name is cool. Sebastian Kydd.

Mouse Quotes: It was like putting a hotdog in a keyhole.

Carrie: So, I’m the last virgin.

Maggie Landers Quotes: Ask him to the New Beginnings dance. Maybe he’ll hotdog your keyhole.
Carrie: Maybe that’s how I’ll ask him.
Maggie: Well if you do, he’ll definitely say yes.

Sebastian Kydd Quotes: So you’re the princess who slays her own dragons.
Carrie: Well, somebody has to. It might as well be me.

Carrie: I knew he was going to kiss me, so I did what any scared fifteen-year-old would do. (Splashes.)

Carrie: It was a moment I wanted to last together. My first kiss.

Carrie: Do I need to type, because I’m not very good at that.

Carrie: Will I need a briefcase?

The Carrie Dairies Quotes, Carrie: I realized I had a choice. I could blame Dorrit or I could get ove rmy anger and still find a way to hang onto my Mother. And the purse.

Carrie: Manhattan was a lot like my purse. Damaged and it had some dents. But I wouldn’t have traded that purse or this moment for anything.

Carrie: It was the beginning of my Manhattan love story.

Carrie Bradshaw Quotes: In my years of playing dress up as a child I understood that what you wore helped define you. But I realized that you might even be able to change who you are. Maybe you could walk in here one person, a kid from Connecticut, and walk out…

Larissa Loughton Quotes: I get it, you’re obsessed.

Larissa Loughton: I collect people.

Larissa Loughton: Oh, that dress. It looks fabu on you.

Carrie: Maybe it was the realization that I had just lost my innocence. My virginity. And not to the man who I hoped. …Manhattan.

Sebastian Kydd Quotes: Bradshaw?
Carrie: Yours truly.

Carrie: Maybe my night with Manhattan had changed me. Even though I felt vulnerable, like Mouse said. I also felt powerful, like I knew things.

Carrie Bradshaw The Carrie Diaries Quotes: The city was no longer a fantasy, it was real. And I knew now I wasn’t searching for someone or somebody here. I was searching for me. Who I was. Who I wanted to be. Finding my voice wasn’t going to be easy. But for the first time, in a long time, I thought it might be fun.

Carrie Bradshaw: The pain of love is what truly changes us. It’s the losing of love that makes us who we are. The loss of a parent. Of your virginity. Of who you thought you might be. Of your innocence. Those losses are perhaps our first steps into adulthood. Life gets more complicated. But it’s also filled with promise. And the possibility of opening your heart to new beginnings.

The Carrie Diaries airs on The CW, starring Anna Sophia Robb. The executive producers are Miguel Arteta, Candace Bushnell, Len Goldstein, Amy B. Harris, Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz.

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