Here are The Carrie Diaries quotes from season 1, episode 1 – “Pilot”.

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The Carrie Diaries Quotes – “Lie with Me”

Is now a good time to say your eye makeup was excellent in this episode?

Carrie Bradshaw: They say that the eyes are the window to a soul. That looking into someones eyes it to know the truth. To know what’s real. The same could be said for the city that never sleeps. It’s honest and totally awesome. Maybe I was lying to myself, but I felt like nothing could stop me or us. Except maybe Donna LaDonna and her minions. And me being grounded.

Sounds enticing…

Sebastian Kydd Quotes: Just imagine what would happen if we were alone for another 19 seconds.

They have a couple good songs, Car!
Carrie Bradshaw: I wasn’t sure if he was talking about a band, or a food.

And that’s okay!
Carrie Bradshaw The Carrie Diaries Quotes: We Bradshaw’s aren’t really joiners.

We want her life, pronto! That zebra is adorable!

Carrie: Here, take this zebra.

She has so much to learn!

Larissa Loughlin: Dumbo
Carrie: As in the elephant?

But how soon is now?

Larissa Loughlin: Now isn’t soon enough.

Oh, it’s heartbreaking!
Walt Reynolds Quotes: I wanted to believe that I was in love with you in the way that it matters. But the longer I stood here…I realized I wasn’t.

The truth sucks sometimes…
Carrie Bradshaw: And for the first time, Walt wasn’t lying. It was hard, but at least it was the truth.

Last names make it cute…
Carrie: You can’t be that mad at me, since you called me ‘Bradshaw’.

Ain’t that the truth!

Carrie: The one thing that I knew that was true, we were pretty lucky to have each other to lean on.

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