Find out if you’re a metaphorical unicorn like Carrie. Here are The Carrie Diaries quotes from “Fright Night.”

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The Carrie Diaries Quotes

It’s an age-old past time…
Maggie Landers Quotes: This is what we do. We get our hearts broken and then we demonize the guys who broke up with us.

There are more of us than you think!
Larissa Loughlin Quotes: You’re a romantic. It’s like finding a unicorn!

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This is why we love her….
Carrie Bradshaw Quotes: I realized being a princess isn’t what I wanted to be. I wanted to be a good friend.

Getting a little bit o’ culture!
Carrie Bradshaw Quotes: I can’t believe I’m quoting Nancy Reagan, but tonight a few of you just should’ve said no.

It’s just so true!

Carrie Bradshaw: The scariest thing about high school? When someone breaks your heart it’s such a small place that you cant avoid them. Its ironic. The time in your life when you’re least capable of managing your emotions is the same time you’re locked up for eight hours a day with the people responsible for those emotions in the first place. it was like i was living in my own personal horror film: the rise of the boy who broke my heart. And apparently it was playing everywhere.

Have you ever wished for this?

Carrie Bradshaw: If he had any decency he’d switch school.

If you’re an island, come here and we’ll hug you.

Carrie Bradshaw: Halloween is a holiday when we put on costumes and try on different versions of ourselves. It’s fun not to be us. And to not have to face the reality of who we are. And the things that scare us. Like our vulnerabilities. Or what we really want for ourselves. Or our fear of change, and what it will inevitably bring. Being someone else for a night can be fun, or scary. Either way, it’s only one night. And when the masks are off and we are being ourselves again. We have nothing to hide behind. And maybe that’s okay. But my night in Manhattan had taught me one thing. No matter what you’re going through it’s always better if you have people to share it with. I was lucky, I wasn’t an island at all.

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