The Carrie Diaries now has several promotional posters, and we’re here to share what’s The CW has released so far. Prepare for blinding color and NYC attitude.

the carrie diaries poster

The Carrie Diaries Poster # 1: “Be who you want to become,” says this bold poster for The Carrie Diaries. She’s sitting on a public NYC bus, wearing a colorful jacket, bangles, and a tutu. Is that a boombox we spy next to her?

The Carrie Diaries Poster # 2: This spunky 80’s poster shows Carrie with her signature “Carrie” purse. It has a few variations in terms of cropping and text location. What remains the same is the graffiti walls (we spot a poster for The Cure!) behind AnnaSophia’s Carrie. She’s also wearing her iconic green leopard cardigan sweater.

the carrie diaries cast

The Carrie Diaries Poster # 3: This image is just a close-up crop from poster #1. It focuses on AnnaSophia Robb and her hair.

the carrie diaries

The Carrie Diaries Poster # 4: This image is similar to poster #2, but Carrie’s head tilt is difference so it counts as a totally unique item. Plus, we see more of her amazing sparkly skirt! (Betcha that has great twirlpower on it…)