Mr. Bradshaw (Tom Letscher)  may have said “no” on the Sebastian Kydd (Austin Butler) front, but Carrie is a very determined girl.


But even if Daddy dearest is okay with Sebastian, is Carrie? The synopsis hints that Carrie is going to be upset by something she finds out.

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The Carrie Diaries Season 1 Episode 3

After Tom (Matt Letscher) forbids Carrie to see Sebastian again, Carrie snoops through Tom’s work files and uncovers some alarming information about Sebastian’s past. Carrie decides to confront Sebastian about what she’s discovered and is shocked by his reaction. Maggie deals with her breakup with Walt (Brenden Dooling) in the only way she knows how and finds some solace from Dorrit . Meanwhile, Larissa (Freema Agyman) takes Carrie, Mouse (Ellen Wong) and Seth (special guest Kyle Harris) to an outrageous performance art club in New York City, which leaves them all feeling self-conscious.