Whether it’s the superheroes of the super cool Summer Glau that has you interested in NBC’s upcoming TV series The Cape, it’s hard to deny this show looks wickedly good.

summer glau the cape

We have two videos for you to watch today in preparation for The Cape premiere (which runs two hours!) in January. Both Summer Glau and David Lyons are excited for fans to see the series, how could they not be? However, you don’t really get that feeling from their latest videos. Both videos seem to have the same video clips, and the only difference is the introductions. Which would be cool, if only the intro’s weren’t both scripted to have Glau and Lyons say the exact same uninspiring phrase. Even they seem to know that what they’re reading to the camera is dull and cheesy. So, what do you think? Were they tired, not allowed to give input, or truly not feeling excited about this new series?

Videos after the jump.

Summer’s Holiday Sneak Peek: Summer Glau introduces an inside look at the new series premiering NBC January 9th.

David’s Holiday Sneak Peek: The Cape’s David Lyons offers an inside look at the mysterious new hero coming to NBC January 9th.

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