The Big C reminded us to live fast.


Lessons from The Big C

  • Of course you can. Turn all of your “I cant’s into “I can.”
  • Stop putting thing on hold. It’s time to do it right now.
  • Life happens as it is meant to happen, and it is not fair. All you can control is how you handle what comes at you.
  • What’s the point in holding back, never asking for what you want, and waiting around all the time? Who are you scoring points with? You’re just hurting yourself.

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  • God gives us problems to learn how to deal with them, not to fix them for us.
  • Sometimes we have to give up on certain versions of our life and how we wanted something to be, so we can move on.
  • Cancer doesn’t discriminate, it can happen to anyone.
  • People that you know and love will come into your life, and also leave.
  • You can build your own family.
  • Animals should be in your life.
  • You deserve what you want. You deserve what you are willing to say you deserve.
  • Be nice to yourself. Be nice to other’s. Equally.
  • Just because it can’t be a perfect ending doesn’t mean it can’t be a good one.
  • Life is precious.
  • Life fast. Life is moving.
  • You can focus on the positive, or not. But only one is the smart choice.
  • You can just have deserts and liquor.
  • Bend the rules.
  • Some people are going to overwhelm you with their kindness, while others will surprise you by their cruelty.

The Big C starred: Laura Linney, Oliver Platt, John Benjamin Hickey, Gabriel Basso, Gabourey Sidibe

Sony Pictures Television. Created by Darlene Hunt, who also serves as executive producer, along with showrunner/executive producer Jenny Bicks. Laura Linney, Vivian Cannon, Neal H. Moritz, Michael Engler and Richard Heus are also executive producers.