Is Andrea getting married to Myk for realsies?! Will the Jamison family really jet set off to Italy? And how is Lee (Hugh Dancy)? Don’t miss this episode of The Big C season 2 episode 12.

The Big C Season 2 Episode 12 “The Darkest Day” airs Mondays at 10:30pm on Showtime.

The Darkest Day Summary: As Cathy prepares for her trip to Italy, she receives an amicable call from Lee. Elsewhere, Paul uncovers a secret about Myk while Adam discovers one about Poppy (Parker Posey).

Guest Stars: Parker Posey, Alan Alda, Hugh Dancy, Boyd Holbrook

The Big C Season 2 – TV Show Summary: Award-winning actress Laura Linney stars and produces this dark comedy from Showtime about a suburban wife and mother diagnosed with cancer.