I hope you guys are watching The Big C, because it’s truly a very good show. Sure, it does kind of make me think about my precious mortality every Monday, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Laura Linney truly shines in her part as Cathy – that’s Cathy with Cancer! I feel this character is relatable in far too many ways to explain (or admit.) Tonight, Idris Elba will guest star in a four-episode arc. Get this, he’s playing a sexy painter! Just what I wanted for Christmas. Guess Christmas has come early.

Weeds Blue Eyed Iris Episode Synopsis: THE BIG C “Blue-Eyed Iris” Episode 5 – Cathy catches Adam watching porn. In pursuit of her sexiness, Cathy invites a new man into her life, Lenny, the school’s muralist. A rugby injury gets Paul the attention of a female admirer, Tina (NADIA DAJANI). Sean fights to save his “home” (an abandoned building) from demolition. Marlene gives Sean her dead husband’s suit.

The Big C airs on Mondays 10:30 pm on Showtime, right after Weeds at 10 pm.