Tonight on The Big C, there was a lot of heartbreak.

The episode started with Sean still missing. And I really wished he’d find a way to call. If Cathy and the family had ended up going to Italy on time, they would have not seen Sean or known he was okay. Running away, at any age, just seems really selfish.

I’ve started to miss The Big C season 1, back when Cathy was more on her own. I don’t want her isolated, but I do miss the way she’d confront life and death situations. But this episode gave us that again. Cathy was reclaiming her voice, and dealing with some pretty big issues.

This season has already given us Thanksgiving, and it dropped Christmas on us this week. I’d like to mention that one of the gifts to Adam was a copy of The Outsiders. That’s such a terrific book for him! But speaking of the Jamison boys…

Paul. Ugh. Your wife is sick, your son is still fairly young, and you decide that not only is this the right time to steal merchandise but to start up with cocaine again? I’m so disappointed in him. He’s a lovable character, but … ugh. Just ugh.

The situation between Myk and Andrea is curious. Part of me thinks they’re going to flip things around and show us that Myk was never using Andrea for a green card. But it’s pretty suspicious that Myk would want to marry her so soon. What do you guys think? Was Myk honorable or not? Either way, I do think that Andrea was too young to get married.

I thought that Poppy was going to have her self injury secret discovered, but instead we got a much jucier secret revealed. It turned out that her Dad had died several years ago! And she was just full of lies, like where she worked. I definitely didn’t see any of that coming.

How do we begin to talk about Lee? Hugh Dancy played this character with such charisma and heart, I’m really going to miss him. I love that Cathy and him were friends, and that they became friends in such an odd way (she almost ran him over, remember?) The song that played at the end was very sad. Anyone know what music was in this episode of The Big C?

The Big C Season 2 Episode 12