Idris Elba (he of the most smoldering eyes EVER) will be on new Showtime dark comedy series The Big C. Read on for the catch.

Idris Elba - look at those kind eyes? They sparkle, but not like those Twilight vampires. This is a much better kind of sparkle. Those vampires need a sparkle upgrade, or something!

Idris Elba: look at his kind, sparkling eyes! Those Twilight vampires need a sparkle upgrade to be of his caliber!

The Big C also stars Laura Linney, and Elba will be her love interest! You know Idris Elba from The Wire, The Office, or the sexy leading man in the movie Obsessed (where he had to fend off the you-can’t-keep-her-down Heroes‘ actress Ali Larter and make kissy time with Beyonce.)

Elba is busy, of course, as he’s the lead in the UK series Luther on the BBC. This may be why we’re hearing that Elba will only be a guest star for four episodes out of the thirteen episode first season for The Big C. Elba’s character will be Lenny, a painter. Not much else is known about Lenny, aside from the fact that his name is kind of dumb.

THE BIG C is headlined by multiple award-winner Laura Linney as Cathy, a repressed suburban teacher, wife and mother who reclaims her life after a terminal cancer diagnosis. Oliver Platt (2012) stars as her immature, but well-meaning husband. Oscar® nominee Gabourey Sidibe plays a smart-alecky student in Cathy’s class.

If I was the voice of Showtime I would say, “What’s up, Cancer? We’re doing a show about you, and it’s gonna beat you down.” (Note: I think that my Showtime narrator voice would sound like Dane Cook after he saw a Youtube vide of kittens saving baby otter’s from a tiger. On a related note, what is up with zoo’s that would make it possible for all three of those animals to have access to each other?!*)

The Big C premiere date is  August 16, 2010 on Showtime at 10:30 pt/et.

*They actually don’t. Who knew? Although, a zoo in Thailand let’s tigers and baby pigs hang out together all the time.

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