We’ve arrived at episode 10 of The Big C season 2, and it gave us a high school reunion and a great bottle of wine. Here were my five favorite parts:

  • Shallow as it is, I want to thank The Big C for bringing Hugh Dancy back into my life. I’d forgotten how charming and handsome he is. And, I’m an equal opportunity fangirl, I’m very happy to see guest star Parker Posey on the series as the misguided Poppy. (I call her misguided, but really – aren’t we all? I should just call her the typical human known as Poppy.)
  • “A scale?” – “So it’s a fancy scale?” Paul does not have a great track record with gifts. I do think it was cute that he bought Cathy an irony for their “iron anniversary.” As he said, it was ironic!

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  • Scenes that Cathy has in the hospital make sickness relatable and more real to someone like me, who has thankfully not had to be in and around hospitals very much for myself or others. But it’s still a real part of life, and I like seeing it portrayed on TV with the graceful-but-comedic elegance that The Big C brings. Sickness can’t just be sad, it has to be goofy and weird and horrible all at the same time, as so many things in life are.
  • Sean’s comment about how a babies parents were “rocking out with their cocks out” to the song “Pop Goes the Weasel” is a very funny visual. I bet some parents do get very, very into their kiddie music. These are the parents I plan to mock.
  • And finally, I loved the bravery that the character of Poppy had in this episode. I can’t condone her self injury. But I love that she went to this high school reunion even though she didn’t want to, and she was ready to face down all of the horrible Natalie’s even though they remember her as a goth who wore a cape and a Sherlock Holmes hat. Adam coming to her rescue proves he is incredibly sweet for a teenage boy.

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