We gained Parker Posey, but lost Cynthia Nixon. Either way, if you aren’t watching The Big C on Showtime, we seriously need to have a discussion. Below are the 11 best parts of the episode “A Little Death.” I even made up a new word to aid me in this recap.

  • The writer’s are reaping the rewards of planning ahead. It was genius. I love that both Cathy’s had the same name and they established this early on. It totally made sense that people would think the older Cathy was dead from the obituary. It’s sad, but hilarious. It’s sadrious? …Maybe I shouldn’t try to make up words.
  • When talking to Andrea about having sex for the first time Cathy has three words: “Low expectations. Low.”
  • I loved the idea of Andrea fighting the funeral ickies with sparkles she was adding to her outfit. I might adopt this life motto. My toothbrush needs sparkles.

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  • It was almost heartwarming when we saw that Adam has been reaching out online for help. I felt very much like Cathy, going into Mom mode, all “awwww, you have feelings!” Kids of Cancer = Kocs, brilliant. But even more brilliant was Parker Posey’s character of Poppy yelling “Kocs!” throughout the episode. She’s a little unstable, but that’s why I love her. “You’re old.” – Adam “Thanks bitch.” – Poppy
  • Paul had some great little phrases like “Death junkie.” Not to mention, “Funeraltastic.”
  • “Well, I didn’t want to plant a God damned tree.” – Rebecca. I really respected her in this moment to grieve in the way she wanted. Mostly because I’m pretty sure I grieve in weird ways.
  • “Don’t delay the happy.” – Cathy of the past and present.
  • The creepy baby photos! Oh man. So creepy. Not that babies are creepy, necessarily. But merging your picture with someone else’s to create a fake baby face and then framing it is creepy. So, so creepy.
  • “Festival of denial.” – Sean
  • “Damn, death makes me horny.” – Andrea
  • Seeing Sean holding a premie (essentially becoming part of the baby entourage he’d mentioned earlier, which was a funny line) was sad and adorable.

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