Team Jeff may no longer rule the "Big Brother" house

Team Jeff may no longer rule the "Big Brother" house

Just when we thought Team Jeff was solid in the “Big Brother” house, Kevin, Natalie and Lydia go mucking it all up and Jeff falls for it like a big dumb oaf.

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The Trio of Trouble has told Jeff and Jordan that Michele and Russell have a Final 2 deal. Now, it’s fine for them to do that because they can’t just roll over and die. That would be boring.

But now Jeff and Jordan have gone from zero to 60 in about 5 minutes, saying that this week they are going to backdoor Russell. There are several things wrong with this and if they would use their effing heads for two goddamn minutes they would see why.

First of all, who cares if Russell and Michele have a Final Two deal. Jordan and Jeff are sticking together, so logically if they get together with another pair for Final Four, there are really going to be two pairs competiting once they reach Final Four. I don’t see why this is a problem. It’s like, “Hey, this is my pair, that’s your pair. Let’s get to Final Four and the best duo wins.” What is the problem?

Secondly, (and even more importantly) they are ABOUT TO GIVE UP THEIR NUMBERS ADVANTAGE TO THE TRIO OF TROUBLE. Now, just for the record: I like Kevin. He’s funny and seems pretty smart. But he aligns himself with Lydia and Natalie and that I don’t like. Anyway.

Right now there are 7 people in the house. If Jeff, Jordan, Michele and Russell stick together that is almost a guaranteed Final Four just by sheer numbers advantage in voting and in competitions. Don’t be stupid!

If they backdoor Russell this week (as they are talking about), that resets the house to Jeff/Jordan/Michele and Kevin/Lydia Natalie. That’s 3 and 3, math majors. That’s is significantly different than 4-2, which is what you can guarantee this week with Jordan as HOH because regardless of who wins POV, somebody from the Trio of Trouble is leaving.

ARGH. Those idiots.