Team Jeff is ruling the "Big Brother" house

Team Jeff is ruling the "Big Brother" house

Things have certainly been coming up roses for Team Jeff in the “Big Brother” house lately. First he got the Wizard Power and didn’t puss out (coughBoogiecough), promptly putting the strongest pair in the house on the block and getting MuscleHead evicted. Then Michele won Head of Household and firmly ensconced herself with Team Jeff by nominating Chima and Natalie. Now that Chima has lost her mind and either quit or been thrown out of the “Big Brother house, everything looks golden for the Final Four.

After Chima’s exit, Russell, Michele, Jeff and Jordan sat around the kitchen munching guacamole and just marveling in how awesome everything is right now. I mean, I have expected them to break out into song. “Ding dong, the witch is dead. Which old witch? The wicked witch! Ding dong, the wicked witch is deaaaaad!”

Later, Michele and Russell were fist-bumping about Final Two. I mean, that’s really the best play for them. Neither one of them can get in between Jordan and Jeff, so the four of them just need to ban together to get to Final Four and then each couple competes for themselves. Best man wins and all that. I think it could be really fun to watch them ride this out.

I know people get mad when all the drama is gone, but I enjoy “Big Brother” when there just people I like in the house having fun together. Maybe I’m just boring.

Watch the Final Four’s plan play out on the live feeds.