He’s got fishtanks full of heads, ya’ll. He’s coming for you. Here are the best Walking Dead quotes from Season 3 episode 11, titled “Home.” Which didn’t prove to be all that fortified or safe, sadly.


Best Walking Dead Quotes – Season 3

She’s got a damn good point… Emily: How are we so sure he’s coming?
Michonne: He had fishtanks full of heads. Walkers and humans. He’s coming.

Answering questions with questions is so 2010, or something…

Andrea: Where’s the Governor?
Milton: On a run?

We would have loved this pair together for a while longer…

Axel: (To Carol, after loading a gun.) You quite a lady.

Z-Snap! (OH YES HE IS!)
Merle Dixon Quotes: I know you’re not talking to me, brother.

Aaaaaand the best quote of this Walking Dead episode goes to this line…

Best Daryl Dixon quotes: I may be the one walking away, but you’re the one who’s leaving. Again.