I am here to alternately approve and mock the selections that Senior Editor Leah Weathersby of Amazon has picked as her favorite TV on DVD selections. Maybe you’ll get ideas of what to buy people/ask for as holiday presents. Or maybe you’ll just realize you spend too much time living, and not enough time sitting in front of your TV.

best dvds 09

True Blood: The Complete First Season (HBO Series) (2009): I swear I tried to get into this show, but I often find myself lacking the interest to see the plot-lines through. There’s vampire overkill on TV these days. Plus, the way the one guys says ‘Suukie’ is high on my annoy-o-meter.

Mad Men: Season 2: Make no mistake about it, I love me some Mad Men. I mean really, if only for the fashions – I’d be watching. But I keep making the mistake of trying to watch too many episodes at once and then I feel bogged down and depressed – even moreso than Betty Draper. And that’s fun for no one.

Glee, Vol. One: Road to Sectionals (2009): Glee is a good show, although sometimes all of the hype makes me roll my eye a bit. Sure, it’s good, but it’s no Mr. Rogers. Now there was a show that knew how to incorporate offbeat characters and singing all into one glorious half hour.

Lost: The Complete Fifth Season (2009): In my love/hate battle of Lost, I’m not sure where I stand. I’m pretty sure that watching the first two seasons was entirely pointless to the plotline now. In a related note, the first two seasons were the best. What does this tell us? Those writers need to stop effing up the timeline and just make things good again.

Dollhouse: Season One (2009): The little show that could-n’t. It’s been canceled. It was okay, kinda, maybe, sorta. I wanted to like it, at least.

The Tudors – The Complete Second Season (2008): This is the last season of The Tudors that I watched because after they offed Anne, everything was all about war and blah blah blah.

30 Rock – Season Three: Oddly enough, I’d marry this show. And I won’t just marry any show. I’m not a TV-show-marrying slut, or anything.

The Mentalist: The Complete First Season (2009): A show I’m fully prepared to invest in once I find some time for it.

Castle: The Complete First Season: Incidentally, the reason I can’t start watching The Mentalist right now is because I’m having a massive Castle┬ádvd marathon of the first season. How could I have denied Nathan Fillion like this? He clearly deserves my love.

Fringe: The Complete First Season (2009): Sorry, I think I just fell asleep. Yawn. Weird science junk does not compel me to do anything but turn the TV off. And if you know me, turning the TV off is my last resort before going down to a bomb shelter and acting out the plot of Blast from the Past.