From the massive to the tiny, which TV blogs make the cut for the Small Screen Scoop list of The Best TV Blog sites? We looked around for which TV blogs that we regularly read had noticeable heart, superb organization, reliable updates, ambitious vision, creative content, passion, and, well – you know, crisp pictures of pretty people! ‘Cause that’s how we roll.

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Daemon’s TV: If they were any more orderly over there you’d think they were robots that didn’t ever sleep a la Summer Glau’s character in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles! This site never fails to provide information about all of the new TV episodes scheduled every week.

Give Me My Remote: They’re devoted, even blogging late on a Sunday night just to get the news to you as fast as possible. All recaps are written with the right dash of humor and entertainment surrounding facts.

Heroine TV: Lucia loves her heroine’s. Currently, her TV fixation revolves around the dramatic hit series The Vampire Diaries. She is passionate about TV, and also blogs about Dexter, Mad Men and the new HBO series Game of Thrones. Haven’t heard of that show yet? All the more reason to check out her blog. TV bloggers know all the best TV news!

Inside TV on Entertainment Weekly: Updated several times a day with mini TV news blasts, they never fall behind on what’s coming up.  (Look for posts by Vlada Gelman!)

Nice Girls TV: Because who said nice girls couldn’t like bad TV? But I’m kidding, because they all have good tastes in TV – following shows like Glee, Fringe and Doctor Who!

L.A. Times Show Tracker: They feature recaps of shows like The Big Bang Theory and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in-between weekly TV listings.

Made Possible By Pop Culture: With a strong emphasis on vintage shows that shaped her growing up, Danielle Turchiano blogs about everything from Bewitched to Pee Wee’s Playhouse.

Off-Color TV: The writing here is energetic and sarcastic. The tagline for the site is, “Come for the cussin’, stay for the discussion!” I suggest you follow their advice!

Show Patrol via Chicago Now: This TV blog is written by Curt Wagner and has a nice focus on some of the “fringy-er” (to coin a word) TV shows you beg your friends to watch like Sons of Anarchy, Sanctuary and White Collar.

The Televixen: Melissa is a Canadian TV Blogger with love for True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural and The Walking Dead. A visit to her site is worth it just to see the retro-styled banner of a pinup girl on a TV. And admit it: you totally wish you’d thought of that site name first, right?

The TV Addict: TV Report cards, ratings and charts – oh my!

TV Squad from AOL:  Always a fun read, pay special attention to “The Show Girl” aka Maggie Furlong. You won’t find any other single-show TV blogs featured on this list aside from this one. The owners, Vee and Red are passionate, responsible, and international! Oh-la-la.

Watch with Kristin on E!: Kristin Dos Santos is a stylish geek for TV, and she gets the top celebrities to spill spoilers about their hit shows.

We Heart TV: Three energetic fans run this TV blog that has great loyalty to the now-canceled Life Unexpected. They are, “professional TV watchers & professional fans.” Don’t you mess with a professional!

What’s Alan Watching on Alan Sepinwall has been blogging as a TV critic since before half of us knew what a TV blog was. He had a Wiki page but it’s been deleted. Hit Fix in general is a good entertainment site, but Sepinwall is definitely some sort of radioactive cherry on the top.

Zap2It From Inside the Box: The TV blog section of the site showcases a legion of different TV fans. Contributing editor Andrea Reiher got her TV blogging start right here on Small Screen Scoop!

Small Screen Scoop: You’re already here! But we hope that you don’t forget about us. Subscribe and stick around to win DVDs and read reviews and  cool interviews (with people like Felicia Day, Danny Pudi and Lucy Liu). We update every day with TV goodies. Shows with heavy coverage here include True Blood, Mad Men, Glee, Weeds, Gossip Girl, Big Love and Project Runway.

People who get uppity about how they don’t watch a lot of TV? Man, how lame are THEY?

We apologize to any blogs not here. It was impossible to think of every single bingle TV blog and include them all.