Where do we even begin?


Here’s a bare bones recap of The Bachelorette Finale Part 1. Next week we get another two hours. Although, it’s hard to believe they couldn’t have crammed it all into the first two hours. But maybe that’s because the Brooks and Desiree break-up scene was over 30 minutes. Mostly of us just watching Desiree crying, and Brooks hair gel shining under the Antigua sun.

Desiree has 3 final men, but confessed the one she felt the most for was Brooks. It seemed like another case-closed. Drew and Chris were going to be disappointed. Except, Brooks decided he wasn’t in love with Desiree. And he also decided he didn’t want to stay, and he would never be in love with her. While a proposal at the end of the finale is hoped for, but not mandated. If Brooks really liked Desiree and could see himself being with her he could have just told her that, instead of proposing. And she still would have picked him. It seems like he was just auditioning to be the next Bachelor.

His overly-gelled hair is distracting. At one point he said it was the “worst day” of his life and it nearly seemed like he said it was the worst “hair” day of his life.

Everyone still thinks Drew is gay. And it does seem like he could be, unless our national gaydar is malfunctioning. But now “he’s gay” is the go-to thing to accuse Brooks and Chris of being. Which seems unfair. Mellow, guys.

Desiree wore awful pants and an awful vest. Her best outfit of the night was wasted on her break-up with Brooks.

Des did the fantasy suite with Chris and Drew. Scandalous.

Do you think Brooks will come back for Des? Will she try to make a go of it with the remaining schmucks? Or will she be single again?

Next week, more crying! See you then.