It’s the battle of Purple Tie vs Pantsrepreneur! What will happen in their battle for dominance next?!

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Photo: ABC

The Bachelorette Recap – “Chick Chat” Style
Where two friends discuss the episode they just saw.

It’s Bachelorette time

Jessica: It’s a SPECIAL 2-night event!
Estella: Which means two episodes, of normal nature, but in a row.
Jessica: …But…it’s a SPECIAL. Because, Sunday night. And Boyz 2 Men. And acapella stuff.
Estella: I cannot escape Glee.

Nick isn’t here for love, but he’s already got a crush…

Jessica: Andi wanted to get out of the L.A. scene so she went to the far, far land of Santa Barbara.
Estella: And Nick…
Jessica: NICK. God.
Estella: His approach is interesting.
Jessica: His approach was BS. “I don’t think this will work. It’s pointless. But, sure.”
Estella: That is eerily accurate to how he seemed when he wasn’t complimenting her resume. Very unusual.
Jessica: But then he decided, “there’s something there.” So, maybe the skeptical thing will work in his favor.
Jessica: Fair question? Should a guy like Nick, who’s so skeptical, be allowed to be on The Bachelorette as an option for a girl? Shouldn’t they screen this for people who are open-hearted?
Estella: They want that ratings nonsense that is provided by the drama someone like Nick can possibly provide.


Estella: I hate the “why are you single” question, because it isn’t fair.
Jessica: It really isn’t.
Estella: He had a specific reason to discuss why he was single, so it was a smart prompt for them. But as a general rule, that seems insulting and also implies that everyone normal gets married right away.
Jessica: Plenty of weirdos get married!

It’s Boyz II Men. No, really!

Jessica: Boyz II Men in the house.
Estella: We knew not many of them would sound good. But the guys who really could sing were actually funnier to watch.

Jessica: “Ya’ll ready out there?” That was Andi, to the Boyz II Men crowd.

Jessica: “I forgot the words but I’m looooving it!” Hands up!

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Andi Dorfman lines up her men. Photo: ABC

As long as you stay young at heart…

Estella: What did you think about the aging process for her next one-on-one date?
Jessica: I thought it was something I’d never want to do, and that only Andi as a Bachelorette would ever be brave enough to do that.


Estella: “My sister passed away from drugs.”
Jessica: It’s not funny, but he phrased that so oddly. “From drugs.” From…drug-used. Or, from…insert the drug name. Whatever.
Estella: Every season, there’s some people who are all about “I need to share my story with Andi, but I will share it with all of you and the camera first because I just want to get the screen time.”

Purple Tie vs The Pantsrepreneur

Jessica: Mr. Pantsrepreneur seemed normal for a heartbeat, but then he was going around like a fake Bachelor, singling people out and all, “can I grab you?” and accusing Andrew of things. I don’t have a problem with that. But chasing after the guy who didn’t want to fight…that started making Mr. Pants into the idiot.
Estella: The issue was that he’d gotten a waitresses phone number. Do you think it happened as he says it did, or that he bragged about it?
Jessica: Probably somewhere in-between. He probably said something about it, but wasn’t meaning to be a total player who was going to call that girl up asap. I don’t know, he was wearing a purple tie which was making me giggle.

Who was eliminated on The Bachelorette last night?

Bradley Wisk (opera man – said he showed who he was and was vulnerable but that, “it wasn’t good enough” he also said, “I love to be loved, and I love to love. I really want it.”  TEARS happened. Tears in a pink shirt. He had very little composure), Brett Melnick (lamp guy – said he hadn’t opened up enough) and Ron Worrell (his friend passed away so he left early. We are very sorry for him. Especially when the camera’s were following him as he got the news, and he was swatting them away.)

The Bachelorette season 10 continues tomorrow night. Stay with the Small Screen Scoop TV blog for another recap!