Enjoy the snarky comments from Twitter users as they react and discuss the one-on-one date between Andi Dorfman and Dylan Petitt. (Those here for Dean McDermott news might find themselves sorely disappointed…)

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Dylan Petitt. Photo: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 10 Recap – Dylan Petitt and Andi’s Date

@iKhaleesi_: (20:31:11) If I didn’t watch the irrelevant 2 hrs of #TheBachelorette last night, will I understand the only slightly less irrelevant episode tonight?

@marissad415: (20:06:43) Show some more emotion, fake-Luke Perry. Your hair can’t do all the work for you. #TheBachelorette

@ktzeebra: (20:06:43) So they are pretty much having their first date on the Polar Express. With wine instead of hot chocolate. #TheBachelorette

@BreannaGee: (20:07:50) “it’s something i don’t really tell anybody” *tells the world on national television* #TheBachelorette

@Mel0312: (20:08:06) You want to tell her how difficult your life is? Because that’s going to make her want to be with you. #thebachelorette

@AudreyHungerman: (20:08:46) “I want to tell her about everything that’s happened in my life…” on the first date. What could go wrong Dylan #TheBachelorette

@lestr1525: (20:11:40) “It was the day after my brother died.” *silence* “I swam across this river once.” #awkotaco #TheBachelorette

@brobachelor: (20:08:37) I’ve got a f*#king carrot in the kitchen with more personality than Dylan. #TheBachelorette

@FayeinCbus: (20:11:51) Looks like Dylan brought his own baggage on the train trip. #bachelorette #TheBachelorette

@intouchweekly: (20:23:58) That’s the surprise? Blowing the whistle? Can we at least get a concert by a no-name band? #TheBachelorette

@TheBachBrats: (20:19:47) “I don’t want the sympathy rose but I want you to cry and feel so bad for me that you HAVE to give me the sympathy rose.” #TheBachelorette

@xmagis305: (20:21:13) Dylan will get the honorary “There’s no chemistry, but I feel bad for you” rose tonight. Congrats on going home next week. #TheBachelorette

@ana_mcreynolds: (20:22:40) This date is such a drag, but I feel like Dylan is such a sweetheart. #TheBachelorette

@EmilyLFoley: (20:22:12) That is the sympathiest sympathy rose in the history of this franchise. #thebachelorette

@dawnglusko: (20:23:13) I think Dean McDermott could totally play Dylan if this date was turned into a Lifetime movie. #TheBachelorette

@TBrown_80: (20:24:40) Andi has the best “I really care” eyes in the history of TV. #TheBachelorette

@Bach_ShitCray: (20:17:11) I would have a hard time sitting across from him and not cutting his hair. #TheBachelorette

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