Of all the swirling questions surrounding last night’s episode of The Bachelorette 2013, there are 5 ones that we really need answered.


Each main question has several sub-questions, so bear with us.

Who does Desiree pick?
Is Desiree Hartsock still single?
Are Desiree and Brooks engaged?
Does Desiree end up single?

Was ABC horrible to air so much of that awkward, painful breakup?

Was it exploiting Desiree?
Did we really need to see that entire break-out scene play out for nearly 40 minutes?

How do Chris and Drew feel now that they’ve seen that?
Are they schmucks?
Do they feel betrayed?
And does Zak feel like he should have been in the final three?

Who will be the next Bachelor for 2013?
Will it be Juan Pablo, whom everyone adores?
Will it be Zak, the country crooner?
Will it be Brooks, who seemed to be campaigning pretty hard last night to be a guy who just hasn’t found love?

Do you hate Brooks now?

Was he respecting Desiree and being honest?
Was he leading her on just to get more time on TV, and being selfish?
Are all men named Brooks total jerks?

Because Reality Steve was wrong, we need new Bachelorette spoilers.

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