So, Andi Dorfman went all Juan Pablo on Eric Hill. And then the brief episodic memorial was all about Andi instead of Eric. Totally normal and classy.

See what fans live-tweeted during the east coast showing of The Bachelorette last night…

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Photo: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 10 Recap – Eric Hill

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@genregurl: (21:38:24) Eric is right tho. She’s been so pompous this season. I haven’t seen a down to earth side of her since HIS date with her. #TheBachelorette

@sarahslivetweet: (21:38:34) Ugh this is really awkward I’m not sure why they decided to show this except that there’s drama & it’s a reality tv show #TheBachelorette

@courtyforrest: (21:38:45) I have thoughts, but don’t want to speak ill of the dead. #TheBachelorette

@bachelorburnbk: (21:44:02) Andi is getting mad defensive right now. Chill out, girl. He’s just trying to tell you what he feels. #TheBachelorette

@bradcsmith: (21:45:03) First world problems… “I’m so exhausted from dating on television!!” #TheBachelorette

@yolibrarian: (21:46:23) here’s a note: if you want someone to be totally comfortable with you, don’t tell that person you think he or she is fake #TheBachelorette

@Sophia__Nichols: (21:46:33) He’s saying the right things but in the wrong freaking way. #TheBachelorette

@SaraSrpkinja: (21:47:47) YES!!! RT @slazaro_: Eric did to Andi, what Andi did to Juan Pablo last season, so I don’t know why she’s so upset #karma #TheBachelorette

@KrapmatiK: (21:48:54) Y’all Andi is pissed y’all don’t call her an actress y’all sorry she yelling at y’all. Y’all, y’all, y’all #TheBachelorette

@ErinMae21: (21:51:32) Now I see why Chris Harrison wasn’t live tweeting tonight. Well played #TheBachelorette

@tarabarnes: (21:51:50) In other words: Please don’t be honest about any nondelusional feelings you have. Thanks. #TheBachelorette

@isntshelovely15: (21:52:10) I see what he meant being Andi’s dramatic I think he wanted her to open up with him like he did and she didn’t #TheBachelorette

@hnnhwthm: (21:52:38) Well I’m depressed. Eric spoke the truth gently and respectfully… Why did she flip out?! #LiveLikeEric #TheBachelorette

@brobachelor: (21:53:07) In seriousness, Eric’s family/friends should have been interviewed here, rather than a woman who knew him for a few weeks. #TheBachelorette

@SnarkyMommy: (21:55:16) This, right here, is why they should have cut all Eric’s scenes. This is so awful. #TheBachelorette

@SnarkhildaHT: (21:55:37) Are you supposed to smile when you’re talking about a dead perosn? #TheBachelorette

@oxfordsemicolon: (21:56:50) I’d rather hear the guys eulogize him #TheBachelorette

@jennstinn: (21:57:27) Glad they still got in a Mohegan Sun plug during the Eric tribute. So bad. #TheBachelorette

@Lovey_CM: (21:57:40) I appreciate the way this episode ended. #TheBachelorette

@jamiebeckman: (21:58:00) IMHO giving Andi this much screen time to talk about Eric instead of interviewing his family/showing photos is a huge fail. #thebachelorette

@terrielse: (21:58:33) Does anybody feel like Andi has done a whole lot of rationalizing? #TheBachelorette

@Bach_ShitCray: (21:58:42) This feels very much like a PR stunt. #TheBachelorette

@kingfanana: (21:56:48) Good thing they are making this about Eric and not at all about Andi #TheBachelorette

@StefYarnevich: (21:59:14) I’m uncomfortable with this interview..they aren’t celebrating Eric. #TheBachelorette

@marissad415: (21:59:25) How bad is it that everyone is so skeptical of this conversation between Chris and Andi? #TheBachelorette

@Phil_Lemos: (22:00:48) Andi: “It’s crazy he won’t be there for Men tell All.” Yes, because that’s the worst part about BEING DEAD. #TheBachelorette

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