Emily Maynard didn’t feel enough for Chris Bukowski to keep him around after his hometown date. on The Bachelorette.

Emily and Chris Bukowski met up in Chicago to meet his family. It’s a pretty place. And Chris’ family? Pretty Polish. Apparently.

“On a scale of 1-Polish, we’re Polish,” explained Chris about his family. Even though he loves them, he didn’t really do them justice in describing his brood. Chris told Emily that she was similar to his sisters (weird, who wants to date their family?), and that his Mother was overly-emotional (again, what?!) He also admitted to being a Mama’s boy, which is actually sweet…depending on how intense the connection is. I’ve had some guy friends who let their Mother’s downright abuse them, which makes them seem pathetic.

Emily told Chris’ Dad about her daughter, and asked if Chris woudl be ready to be a Dad. And Dad was very confident that his son would be able to love and support his wife and future family. After talking about that, he was like, “if you’re looking for something else, then Chris isn’t right for you.” Uh, who doesn’t want love and support? Did he expect her to say, “No man, I wanted someone who likes to go clubbing, ugh!”

Chris took that night to tell Emily he had fallen in love with her. Which was a bit odd that he had only JUST said he thought he was falling in love with her. Then after that day, he was in love? Okay.

The whole family then celebrated with polka. But somehow the chemistry between these two is … boring. They’re nice together, but it doesn’t seem like Emily is in love with him.

And in the end… Chris didn’t get a rose. “How much faster could (things) have moved, I told you I loved you!” he told her, angrily. But she said she had to follow her heart. “Don’t change anything,” he told her before getting in his limo. It was hard to watch, because you knew that he was brokenhearted.

“She made me a believer… everything seemed like it was perfect…I thought she loved me back…”

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