What about that Constantine (The Bachelor)? Do you like him? When he got his first 1 on 1 date with Ashley in Thailand he showed he was easygoing and spontaneous. When the rain made it impossible for the initial date plans to happen (sailing out to a private island!) Constantine made it clear he didn’t care what they did as long as he could be with Ashley. And he meant it. I could tell. (I’m just that good at sensing vibes through the TV. Or gullible. Time will tell. At least my hearts not on the line.)

On that date the couple walked around Thailand shops. At one point Constantine decided they should experience talking to a local. The man was wearing a wedding ring, and gave them relationship advice that included “don’t try to win.” Ashley very vocally liked the idea of someone not being on the show just to win and get to the next level, but to really be there for love. (She seems a bit insecure. Ironically the only person she needed to be paranoid about is the one person she has been certain she could trust – Bentley.)

Constantine is not just in this for a free trip ’round the world. He told Ashley, of the date: “Today was really fun. … I’m glad (it happened) because it was easier for me to separate the excitement of the day from the …excitement of the situation. And that’s kinda like the best possible scenario for me.” Sounds like he’s a keeper. What do you think? Should Ashley have him stick around for a while?