Ashley Hebert married J.P. Rosenbaum. And we all got to watch, courtesy of ABC.

As I begun watching this special, I noticed that Ashley Hebert looks different to me. And no, it’s not her darker brown hair. It’s possible there was some sort of plastic surgery that happened. But I suspect she simply lost even more weight than she’d lost before.

Still. My reaction was that looks like Ashley. You know? Like an Ashley Hebert impersonator. But how much work would a Bachelorette contestant lookalike actually get? So, none of this makes sense and I can’t believe ABC has devoted two entire hours to this wedding. I don’t think Kim Kardashian even used two full hours for her (sham) wedding.

Other past Bachelor’s and Bachelorette’s who got married showed up during this special. The only pair that I remember is Trista and Ryan because they had a very pink wedding. Actually, I think there’s only one other couple that got married (and stayed married) as a result of this show.

J.P.’s  bachelor party involves race cars. Ashley’s involves manicures, mimosa’s and pole dancing.

As a friend, Chris Harrison will marry Ashley and JP. And when he’s given the role, he decides he gets to interview the pair. Harrison is great at this sort of stuff, but I’m distracted by Ashley’s dangling earrings that look like those Christian fishes.

The pair kiss, practice kissing, hug, ice skate and generally show us how in love they are.

Who’s in charge when they make decisions? Ashley. But she’s not bossy, and I find myself once again remembering why I like this couple.

Sean appeared at one point. He looked thinner. Everyone who goes on TV automatically goes on a diet, I guess. He’s talked about how the “quality of women” for his season was great. I was so tired at this point that I typed “The Sean Bachelor” into Google when I can’t remember his last name. Which is Lowe. Sean Lowe. Who I like.

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For the bridal brunch, Ashley was at The Royce. It looked gorgeous. I was jealous. I want a fancy brunch.

Mindy Weiss was the wedding planner for the event. There’ was nine bridesmaids and groomsmen, two flower girls, and Boo the dog. Boo wore a rhinestone clip in her (his?) hair. Tres chic.

Ashley Hebert Wedding Dress (You have to ask for THIS style to get something similar…)

Now, the dress. Ashley Hebert’s wedding dress was designed b y Randi Rahm, but I’m more interested in the pink shoes! Who cares that no one can see them under the dress, you know? They’re pink and they’re fabulous. Carol Shaw of LORAC Cosmetics did her make-up.

As for JP, his tux is by Hugo Boss.

The bridesmaids were in one shoulder white gowns, reminding me of a Greek style chorus like those sassy singers in the Disney Hercules movie.

On the morning of their wedding, J.P. had a gift for Ashley. A charm bracelet full of meaning because the charms all symbolized different items. (There was a rose, cupcake and a tooth.) Basically, this is the cutest thing ever but I am not sure whether J.P. thought of it or the Bachelor producers thought of it. (Because the charm bracelet designer wasn’t named, maybe he actually did this himself.)

Apparently J.P. is Jewish. Know how I know that? It’s not from watching the show. It’s from seeing a Yamaka on his head. This  is something that the casual watcher would just not know. And it strikes me as kind of sad that there wasn’t more importance placed on his values and what he wanted for the wedding.

The song we heard as Ashley walked down the aisle was “Fools Rush In”. (Ashley Hebert Wedding Song. Who sang at Ashley Hebert’s wedding?)

“You guys remember to enjoy this,” Chris Harrison reminds the pair before everything starts. And I love him for that. He mentions that Ashley is so vibrant, and J.P. is very serious and stoic – but opposites attract and it works for their relationship. He calls J.P. “her rock” and “her center”.

Harrison does ask the traditional “does anyone object” question, which seemed ripe for good reality TV drama. But no one objected.

And even though J.P. is Jewish, the couple did a Celtic thing which I imagine Ashley thought looked really cute but also didn’t seem rooted in any actual family history. (I’m torn, because I think actual heritage should be honored, too. And I feel like J.P. got gypped.)

As J.P. read his vows about fate, he reminded Ashley to keep it together or he’d loose it too. They were both tearing up, which was sweet and emotional and yea yea yea.

“I promise to wake up every morning and fall in love with you again.” – Ashley to J.P.

“This ring is our symbol that you are my chosen one in all times in all places, and in all ways, forever. And with this ring, I marry you.” – Ashley and J.P’s Wedding Vows

At the end of the vows, they were introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Rosenbaum. Did Ashley change her last name to Ashley Rosenbaum?

The reception was lavish, with not one but three wedding cakes.

Emily Maynard was there, saying she’s not ready to throw in the towel on love just yet.

As for Ashley and J.P., they’re married and in love and likely having 1-2 kids. (But will any baby be cuter than Boo the dog?)

What did you think about Ashley’s wedding dress? Will you be watching the new season of The Bachelor? Do you miss Arie Luyendyk Jr?

Photo Credit: ABC