Despite how well the date between Andi and Marcus went, the best part was when we learned some delicious tidbits about Andi’s Mama.

Enjoy this recap of their date, as live tweeted by passionate (endearingly snarky) Bachelorette fans.

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Marcus Grodd. Photo: ABC

The Bachelorette Season 10 Recap – The Group Date

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@bradcsmith: (21:06:28) Marcus….. First human to repel a building in a peacoat! #TheBachelorette

@mgfisher: (21:08:00) This is the 546th time a couple will bond through their “intense fear of heights” on #TheBachelorette

@PopePhilly: (21:08:31) Don’t be scared, @AndiDorfman. Just turn the date into a metaphor like the show always does. #TheBachelorette

@melgotserved: (21:08:32) “Uh front desk, would it be possible to rappel down the side of the hotel today?” #TheBachelorette
@Tubular_Whitney: (21:10:10) If I’m Andi, I’m like “Hey, why don’t we go confront our fear of adult beverages in the hotel bar instead?” #TheBachelorette

@lolbachelor: (21:10:01) I see your fear of heights and raise you a fair of peeing in your pants on national tv #TheBachelorette

@dawnglusko: (21:10:45) How about that poor camera man who’s hanging off the building filming this cr*p? #TheBachelorette

@JaclynTheTruth: (21:11:07) Weird that I am judging Marcus’ grammar while he encourages Andi to lean back. You’re gonna do good, how about well? #TheBachelorette

@chel_c_cam: (21:10:38) @jenniferweiner “I’m afraid of drowning in a hot tub” #TheBachelorette

@bachelorburnbk: (21:13:22) Andi: “She’s nice. Nicer than me. She plays Mahjong.” Bahahaha, literally DYING right now. #TheBachelorette

@meldiv75: (21:14:02) In all the times I have been to Mohegan I have never thought about repelling down the hotel #thebachelorette

@ErinnBanks: (21:14:24) Signs ABC made some budget cuts. Andi and Marcus are repelling down the same hotel where they’re staying. #TheBachelorette

@vannabro: (21:15:03) “There’s no crying in repelling” My new life motto #TheBachelorette

@KyleLovesTV: (21:09:19) Ah, the old “neither person wants to be here and both are afraid for their lives” date. A tradition unlike any other. #TheBachelorette

@sarahroxdotcom: (21:16:00) First correct usage of “literally” in the history of this show. #TheBachelorette #Bachelorette #teamliterallyNOTfiguratively

@mgfisher: (21:17:40) Can’t wait for the overnight dates so all of us hilarious Dawg fans can overuse our favorite phrase #DawgsOnTop #TheBachelorette

@JamieBland92: (21:18:07) “Tell me about your mom.” “She’s nicer than me and plays Mahjong.” – best line of this 4 hour crap show #TheBachelorette

@schmitzey: (21:19:16) Ok, these #Mistresses commercials with commentary on #TheBachelorette are pretty funny

@SnarkyMommy: (21:20:46) “Is there a single bad thing about Marcus?” Umm, the fact he hasn’t dated in three years miiiight be a clue. #TheBachelorette

@Possessionista: (21:21:28) I’m surprised Marcus didn’t douse the rose in hotsauce and pepper before covering it with a napkin like I do. #TheBachelorette

@SistaSassyPants: (21:23:28) Andi’s like my grandma. She always has special surprise treats. #TheBachelorette

@jamiebeckman: (21:24:48) “It’s just me and him in a room dancing” … on a chevron-print platform, in a casino, on a reality TV show. #TheBachelorette

@abs_math: (21:25:46) Marcus is falling in love with her?!?! It’s episode 4, bro! Calm yourself. #TheBachelorette

@aawalters91: (21:25:01) Pretty sure Andi has a bowl of cheese puffs and little Debbie’s waiting on her after each date. She’s gotta be starving!#TheBachelorette

@Peigey: (21:26:11) ARE YOU KIDDING ME? IT IS NOT CUTE THAT HE’S FALLING IN LOVE BY WEEK 3. ITS CREEPY. #TheBachelorette @BacheloretteABC

@KristenGBaldwin: (21:28:57) If they cross Rising Star with #TheBachelorette, THEN I’ll watch.

@JaclynSwartz: (21:29:00) If only it was normal in real life to say you were in love with someone after 7 minutes, I’d be killin it. #marcusstage5 #TheBachelorette

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