Well, we may not know all the rules of basketball, but we know THAT much. When Craig made a half court shot (first try) and didn’t go in for the kiss? A sad moment for all.

Check out how Twitter fans recap ‘The Bachelorette’ group date from last night…

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The Bachelorette Season 10 Recap – The Group Date

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@lolbachelor: (20:14:40) Can someone other than Macklemore read the date card? #TheBachelorette

@lobsterpajamas: (20:32:49) You know what they about a man’s performance on the court right? I don’t follow sports so let me know. #TheBachelorette

@lolbachelor: (20:33:30) If one of them turns into a werewolf and all of a sudden is good at basketball it will be amazing #TheBachelorette

@at_andrews: (20:33:55) Basketball. Because 25 guys vying for one girl’s heart is enough “competition.” What’s next? Jousting? #TheBachelorette

@marissad415: (20:34:05) Patrick with that arm tattoo is Nick Lachey’s long lost brother #TheBachelorette

@stoleneyelids: (20:34:47) Guys talking about sports is probably the most hilariously boring thing in the world. I don’t care if you know the lingo. #TheBachelorette

@brobachelor: (20:34:42) There’s a pug dog sitting next to me with a meaner mug than these goofs. #TheBachelorette

@xmagis305: (20:35:29) This is what it looks like when a bunch of people full of testosterone and helium for brains get together to do sports. #thebachelorette

@EmilyLFoley: (20:37:53) I’m gonna say it: If Ryan Gosling himself had that tat on Patrick’s bicep, he wouldn’t be hot anymore. #thebachelorette

@lizabth247: (20:50:49) I like my men defeated and crying. That’s why if I was #thebachelorette I would only take the LOSERS on a date.

@singing_grace: (20:55:12) I’m crying at everything Eric’s saying right now :(( #TheBachelorette

@chel_c_cam: (20:57:19) Andi: help, I’m a girl who doesn’t know how to do things. Dude: here, let me show you. #TheBachelorette

@iKhaleesi_: (20:59:59) He made a half court shot. You have to make out with him. Thems the rules! #TheBachelorette

@Peigey: (20:59:58) It would suck being #TheBachelorette because you’d have to shave daily with all these men around feelin’ up on your thighs.

@NickPetersonTV: (20:59:07) Half court shot on first try? You better kiss him woman. #TheBachelorette

@dawnglusko: (21:01:38) With this rose, will you please burn that sweater? #TheBachelorette

@BachFantasy: (21:02:27) Love letter from a secret admirer?? Did anyone check the bushes for Bukowski? #TheBachelorette

@yenabird: (21:05:47) Welp, looks like all Connecticut has to offer is the Mohegan Sun since it’s been the setting of this entire episode. #TheBachelorette

@jobofyourlife: (20:57:26) I like that @andidorfman goes right at things. People (JuanP) might think it’s attack – but confident people can get to the heart of things

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