Ben has stolen Desiree’s attention, but he’s also this season’s villain. Oh noes.


Though many of you were watching The Voice 2013, I spied The Bachelorette trending on Twitter… and I was one of those watchers.

This week, ABC found synchronicity between the age-old question of “who is here for the right reasons on this show?” and Soulja Boy’s new single called “Right Reasons.” Bingo. Synchronicity in action! Concurrence! Coevality! I can almost hear Alec Baldwin as Jack Donaghy saying all of those business terms that translates to “we can all make money!” Them, not us. We’re just the saps who are watching this unfold, and being told to like this song. Which I wager most don’t, anyway.

The group date this week featured the rapper, and they had a recording session. As for the other dates, Desiree hooked up with Brooks and Bryden. Well, not “hook-up.” We all know Desiree isn’t “that kind” of girl. (Hey, me either. Amen!)

Date #1: Desiree picked up Brooks in her special baby blue Bentley. And they went directly to…a bridal shop. Oh man. (This is the kind of thing you should not do on a first date unless you are on a reality show.) They tried things on, ate cupcakes, and then went to the big Hollywood sign. The pair later ate a romantic dinner on a bridge and were serenaded by singer Andy Grammer. A rose was given to Brooks.

Date #2: For the group date, we had Dan, Juan Pablo, Zach K., Ben, Kasey, Will, Brian, Drew, James, Mikey, Zak W., Nick, Michael, and Brandon. Ben (single Dad) made a good impression, and he got the group date rose.

Date #3: This time the Bentley was used for a road trip with Bryden. They ate fish tacos had a picnic, and flew a kite. Then they were at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa. Before we had a hot tub session, Bryden told us about how he almost died in a car accident. Yikes. Desiree told him to kiss her and he got a rose.
Who’s getting a bad rap already?

Who went home?: Nick M., Robert, and Will.

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