The Bachelor 2012 started us off this week in Prague with six ideal men for Emily Maynard. By the end of the two hours, she would have eliminated two of them.

“I feel like I’m back in the olden days,” said Emily for her voiceover narration in Prague. And it makes sense, because in the “olden days” people always had cameras following them around and paying for their trips. That must be why people call them the, “good old days”. Indeed!

If you note a bit of an attitude with me this week, readers, it’s because hearing Emily’s scripted, fax-enthusiasm (it’s not even fake, but she contains her joy – why would anyone contain their joy?!) about everything is wearing on me. Her voice is monotone all of the time. Show. Some. Emotion!

The men arrived to meet Chris Harrison (who has the best job in the world, and is he married? If not, I want him to fall for one of the Bachelorette’s – that’s a season we’d all watch!) and at least THEY had lot of enthusiasm about being in Prague.

The first date went to Arie Luyendyk Jr. For a show that’s all about showing fans everything, all I can think about is what we didn’t see happen between these two when a major bomb was dropped.

The second date went to John “Wolf”. They visited the Lennon wall, which Emily pretended to be an expert about. . They also went to have dinner in a dungeon. All in all, they didn’t have a lot of chemistry… but that’s nothing against John. He actually seems very sweet and interesting. He’s maybe a little bland.. a little Ken Doll.. but that’s good for our resident Southern Barbie! (I mean, Emily seems sweet, but she looks like a Barbie.)

Before the group date, Sean ran around Prague like a crazy man until he found Emily and told her how much he liked her. It would have felt more romantic if it didn’t seem scripted, and she had been on a balcony.

Because Doug wasn’t moving fast enough, Emily decided to talk with him and send him home rather than involve his family.

Sean and Chris continued on to their group date. Sean got the rose, and Chris was bitter.

Later, Jef Holm and Emily shared a romantic date where they got closer and closer. What’s interesting is that Jef played it cool (nerves) and that made Emily the one wanting to win him over, instead of vice versa. This may be why Jef sticks out in her mind.

Emily decided not to have a cocktail party, which ruined Chris’ night because he’d been counting on getting to explain himself to her. Just as she was about to hand out the final rose, Chris spoke up and said he needed to talk to her. And he succeeded! He got the rose over John “Wolf”. Do you guys think she was going to send him home, anyway?

Next week: Hometown dates. Time to check out who has nice homes!

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