Pretty predictable. I’m talking about The Men Tell all special for The Bachelorette 2012. Everyone hates Ryan and Kalon, and no one thought the giant egg was a good idea.

In a pre-taped interview, Emily Maynard outlined some of her memories about the season. Yes, she thought Ryan was as arrogant as we did. (And he was probably also trying to brain wash her.) Of course, Emily thought the rudest guy was Kalon (he is the one who called her daughter “baggage”.) Who was the worst dancer? Chris. And who could forget Travis and his odd Ostrich egg.

As the main portion of the show began, Kalon was meet with jeers while Sean was routinely cheered by the crowd. (Wanna be Sean Lowe is the next Bachelor?)

The Men Tell All special is mostly comprised of clips and seeing reactions of the contestants as they see it replayed. Some defend their actions, others laugh it all.

In speaking about his helicopter arrival Kalon claims it was a good move on his part. “If anyone else arrived that way, I would’ve been genuinely interested to hear their story,” he asserts. (When Lindzi arrived on a horse for Ben Flajniks season, I liked it. But a helicopter? Half the reason people go on The Bachelorette and The Bachelor are to take awesome helicopters. You don’t bring the dang helicopter with you!

Ryan, meanwhile, came across just as mysteriously wacky as he did on the show. He admitted it was never about Emily, specifically, but it was about finding a wife. I think the translation is that he really wasn’t in it for Em, but he just wanted to do well in “the game.” And of course, he said he’d love to be The Bachelor. Who else would, though?

Chris was emotional, because he was truly invested in Emily.

When Emily arrives on the stage, the first thing she does is call out Kalon for being a jerk.

There was a blooper reel. But other than that, there’s not much else. ABC plugged the hell out of Bachelor Pad and the finale on Sunday. And you can admit it – you’ll probably be watching both. So will I (it’s a horrible addiction!), so make sure to subscribe and follow Small Screen Scoop!

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