Because Ryan is delusional and rotten, his date with Emily was fun to watch.

Ryan and Emily Maynard had a one-on-one date tonight. First, we got to see what everyone else thought of him.

Jef noted that Ryan is full of shit. Arie said Ryan was a dick. Basically, no one likes Ryan. Except … Emily? Apparently the rest of the men think he’s a jackass because he takes three hours to get ready every day. “He shaves his legs and plucks his finger hairs,” announced … I forget. Doug? A few of these guys look so similar….

Ryan, ever the smooth operator, kept asking the guys if they were all excited for him and his date. Yea, I bet they were real excited for HIM to have a good date. What was that bs?

To explain all the honking Emily heard while they were on the road, Ryan told her, “I’m a very safe driver. You may not feel safe, but I don’t get in accidents.” That isn’t the mark of a safe driver. And she has a kid, man!

Emily told him that he was trouble and rotten. But she also liked his playful side. So, she’s conflicted. What I hate about watching these two is that she takes a total backseat, and she kind of lets herself be charmed and manipulated. She loses her power in his presence. That’s a bad sign for any relationship.

They sucked down a few oysters together. Well, Emily spit hers up in the water. Then she turned to their host and said, “that was so good.” What!?

Eventually the pair had a picnic. Ryan said Emily might be the woman that God has chosen for him. “I’ve known that I want a great woman in my life, so I’ve done my very best to be a great man,” he told Emily. The man is good with lines.

But Emily still doesn’t like that Ryan wants a trophy wife. Ryan defended his words by saying, “Every man should believe that their wife is a trophy.” Delusional justifications, check! But Emily challenged his foot-in-mouth syndrome by wearing a golden dress. “How do you say you don’t wanna be a trophy wife and you come looking like that?” he asked.

“I feel like I saw a lot of sides to you today that I really liked,” she explained to Ryan as my heart dropped. Noooo. How can she like him? Ryan’s jackass level is at 100%, all of the time!

Ryan had a list of what he wanted in a wife. Emily didn’t like his. So she decided he wouldn’t get the rose. Thank God! Ryan was immediately deflated, and his upper, hairy, lip was twitching. He actually sniffled. And then he just starred at her. Like a serial killer. Saying nothing. Until he finally said, “that is very shocking.”

Not showing any sign of getting up to leave he said, “I can’t help but think that maybe you’re making the wrong choice. I think that I’m probably just right for you.” He repeated again. “I’m rather shocked.” Then he accused her tears of basically being fake. And he just kept arguing with her, unwilling to leave. What did he think, that she was going to change her mind? Get out of there! Mush, mush! This is when I hoped some armed guards would escort him from the premises.

Instead, Ryan kept trying to make Emily doubt her choice. He’s the kind of guy, who, after you break up with him, is going to smash your windshield and stalk you to work.

I was proud when, even though she blamed herself for it not working, she didn’t give him the rose. Because for a second it looked like he might have worn her down.

Ryan warned the camera men not to make him look like “an arrogant ass” when they edited the show. Yea, they couldn’t have edited this to make him not look like one. Sorry, Ryan. Try not to become a cult leader in the future!

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