“Let’s set the stage for love,” read the date card for the first group date on The Bachelorette with Emily Maynard. They were putting on a variety show with The Muppets! Miss Piggy (looking FABU) and Kermit were there, hell yea.

The show was supporting The Ricky Hendrick Centers for Intensive Care. (That was Emily Maynard’s fiancee before he tragically passed away.) They raised over $20,000.

Tony did a …quasi-decent impersonation of Kermit. Meanwhile, Charlie was really not into the gig. He was especially nervous because of his fear of public speaking. (Psh, some of the people have had to sky dive on this show! …But Charlie is right, public speaking is terrifying.) In fact, he went to speak with Emily before the show. He confessed he had a speech problem and felt insecure about going on stage. And Emily understood completely. Charlie even offered to switch to go dancing.

emily maynard

The show did a tiny bit where Kermit helped Emily zip up her dress, and Miss Piggy got really jealous. I couldn’t help but think it was cute, though. Miss Piggy is amazing on reality shows! Miss Piggy had a vendetta, then. “All eyes are going to be on moi,” she said defiantly.

But Emily put on a great show. The guys danced around her, and Miss Piggy kept trying to pull attention to her. Ricki was there and loved it!

Grumpy commenter Waldorf (muppet) wasn’t there, but Chris Harrison was there! Loved that.

Miss Piggy Live began (a dating show spoof) and she was wearing a dress I believe was designed for her on Project Runway All Stars. Jef was tasked with having to propose to Miss Piggy. Charlie had to answer a question but what I remember most is that his face turned BEET red.

Kermit and Emily shared a moment, and she gave him a kiss. …ALMOST did, I mean. Miss Piggy interrupted.

Then Ricki joined the stage to sing with Kermey, Piggy, and her Mom. The song they sang was “Rainbow Connection.” Such a special moment.

The Bachelorette Recap Photos: ABC