Football was on the agenda for Emily Maynard‘s group date for The Bachelorette 2012 episode 3.

emily maynard

Bachelor Sean didn’t want to approach her too aggressively right away, while others swarmed. But she disappeared rather quickly to go meet her friends on a playground. No, she wasn’t ditching the boys. She was prepping her friends to interview the guys. I loved this, because your friends know you better than even you do! (And who doesn’t love to give advice, am I right?) So, Em’s friends grilled the guys.

“I want them to see if you guys are worth of being my husband,” Emily announced before half the guys’ knee’s went out with nerves.

They were especially interested about “the guy with an egg.” Named Shelly. They really didn’t like him. But they did like when they got guys to do push-up’s, dancing, and other things like that. Those aren’t really qualifications I’d be checking for… however I would want to see if they were up for doing silly things like that. So, I liked Emily’s friends and their tactics.

The friends were really big fans of Sean. And I think Wendy was actually flirting with him a little. Major no-no. Never abuse your power, you know? The ladies liked Sean, Doug, and Ryan the most.

Moving on, the guys were then tasked to play with young kids. I’m no kid expert, but these seemed like toddlers and … whatever comes above toddlers. Emily took note of Sean and Jef. Ryan acted weird and put his foot in his mouth about how she couldn’t get fat after they got married. Yea, NEVER say that to a woman.

At the cocktail party, Tony broke down about missing his kid. I want to mention that he’s in lumber and he lives in a placed named Beavertown (or something) … isn’t that kind of funny? Lumber/beavers/dams/etc! Whatever, it amused me.

I should be more sympathetic to Tony. But I’m not. I found him the slightest bit whiny about everything. I know, I know! I’m heartless! But I’m not. I just didn’t get a good vibe from him. I don’t think he’s going to find love with Emily, and I think he knows that he needs to go home. I just hope he does it sooner rather than later. (Or, update: Emily knew he wasn’t right for her and she sent him home. Good on her.)

I missed who got the rose on that date, but I think it was Sean. He’s a likeable guy. A little generic for my taste… but we may learn more about him yet.

What was your favorite part about this group date?

Photos: ABC