Here’s a recap of the good and bad of Emily and Arie that unraveled during The Bachelorette finale.

The Negative’s

Arie was nervous and started rambling.

Ernie accused Arie of being too smooth and practiced aka phony. I’ve never felt Arie was phony! How could Ernie feel that?

Arie never got a chance to meet Ricki. And Emily made her choice to be with Jef based on seeing him with Ricki.

The Bachelorette had an hour and a half left when they let Emily reveal her decision to let Arie go. Kind of a bummer to find out so early on!

Before Emily arrived, they crew filmed an unknown Arie talking about tomorrow he was getting engaged. He had to collect flowers for a love potion. I mean, oh man. Just cruel! My heart broke for him, silly as it sounds. I always preferred Arie to Jef. And Arie kept saying how confident he was. It was like watching a horror movie where you keep yelling “turn around, stop! The murderer is your twin sister!” I just wanted to save him. And then he was putting the love potion on her right away and she had no way to start the difficult conversation yet… I felt bad for both of them.

On the After the Final Rose show, I wanted Arie to ask why he wasn’t given a chance to meet with Ricki…. although Emily might say she’d made up her mind and didn’t want to put Ricki through another… I feel like if Arie had gotten the chance, Emily would have been just as confused because they both would have been great with Ricki. Do I make sense?

“I didn’t feel like anyone else’s story could stack up to ours.” – Arie

The Positive’s

Arie had saved all of his roses, put them in a box, and gave them to Emily’s family. That was a super thoughtful gift.

Arie mentioned he knew that daily life would be different than the dates they’ve been having. Whereas Jef seemed caught up in the excitement of everything.

When Emily broke up with him, he didn’t run away or anything. He stayed there. He let her talk. And he gave her a kiss on the cheek. “Good luck, I don’t know what to say. Thank you for sparring me the embaressment tomorrow.. I appreciate that.” Then he said “Give me a hug.” And we heard on mic, someone’s heart pounding like crazy. And she walked him out. She was still crying, and he was being stoic but not cruel… he kissed her cheek again, he told her it was okay (even though obviously it wasn’t for either of them.) I really respect that he didn’t have a total break down or get angry. Because he could have.

Seeing the live studio audience’s reaction… all sad faces and teary… it kind of made me laugh. Because it’s kind of funny how we get so into this show!

It was really nice that Emily told Arie he wasn’t the one the day before he actually did propose.

I wasn’t sure where to put this… it was fun for us to see Arie and Emily see each other for the first time on camera… but I do feel like, ew, it’s exploitative and maybe mean to put them through. Arie looked so handsome… btw.

Arie flew to Charlotte to try and get closure. It was totally off camera. But they didn’t meet. Arie then changed his mind and it didn’t feel right. They talked on the phone, and he left her his journal. How freaking sweet is Arie? And he didn’t want to give her up, but then he didn’t want to disrespect Jef and Emily… oh man! And she said she didn’t read it. Do you think she’s telling the truth? “I didn’t read it… out of respect to Arie.. and especially Jef, too. I felt like it wouldn’t help anything.” She gave it back to him (Arie) on the show.

Jef is taking Emily to Africa, and then moving to a separate apartment in Charlotte.
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