Emily Maynard shared the experience of visiting London with her daughter, Ricki, who came with her to the city for The Bachelorette 2012. And only ten guys were joining Emily. Can you believe we’re down to ten guys already? (Is it weird that only two guys, Jef Holm and Arie Luyendyk Jr., stand out to me? Edit: Those were the two who stood out before. But Jef has gown down in my estimation for the sheer fact of how boring he is.)

the bachelorette 2012

Before the final rose ceremony that we saw tonight (June 11) there were several activities.

Sean had a great one-on-one date with Emily where they ate dinner in the Tower of London.

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet,” read another date card which indicated Shakespeare would be involved in this group date. They did scenes from Romeo and Juliet, replete with costumes. Most guys were okay with being silly, except Kalon, who took it incredibly seriously. Sadly, Emily was hoping to see the guys be silly.

Alejandro, Kalon, Ryan and John all got to play male parts (heh, male parts.) Arie and Doug got to play … the nurse. While some guys wore a dress, others got to kiss her. Arie was so cute, it’s not even funny. I love him. Chris and Travis stood out to me as being really funny. And, hey, swordfighting! That’s … weirdly hot. Kalon had no soul in his performance and actually shoo’d Emily away. Ryan looked demonic.

During their live performance, there was an older woman in the audience with amazing bright red hair, glasses, and a purple tweed jacket. She looked like she was awesome, I want her to move over here and be my cool English mentor about life.

A lot of the costumes were cool, but Emily Juliet’s costume was kind of plain. That was disappointing. So was the stage kiss that Ryan gave to her. He just has no sense of humor, I don’t like him at all. I dislike Kalon and Ryan in equal measure!

During their cocktail party, Kalon once again insulted Emily and her daughter. He remarked that he’d only get to talk to an exhausted, sick mother tonight. …Wow. And earlier he’d called Ricki “baggage.” Arie and Chris talked about it, then brought it up in the group. John was also vocal about how it was a shitty thing for Kalon to say. The guys were all pissed off.

Ryan refused to make a stance about it, saying he’d basically mind his own business. And Kalon refused to take back his comment about saying Rikki was baggage. Luckily, Doug (? I don’t know which guy it was) went to Emily with this information. And he wasn’t playing around, he named the name. Drama wasn’t the name of the game, it was in the interest of honesty. Emily was shocked, and who could disagree with her? She was immediately angered and tearing up. Us Weekly said that Emily was showing diva behavior when she told Kalon off, but I think she was being a protective Mother. “I wanna go West Virgina hood rat backwards on his ass,” she told the camera.

The issue was brought up, with everyone. Kalon defended what he’d said once again. “I’d love to hear you talk, but not until I’m done – I got that line from you,” she interjected acidly. “Get the f*#& out,” she said. As he was leaving he was saying he was hoping his first child would be his own. And this from a guy who had a single Mother. “This conversation is so inappropriate and so insulting that I’m not even going to have it.” I CHEERED for Emily. “I think I’m a stand-up guy. And I have my Mother and Grandmother to thank for that,” Kalon ironically said in his exit interview.

Emily was worried about her judgement and how she let someone that terrible “slide through the cracks.” She was also curious about the guys, and wondering whose back they had. Why didn’t they all want to tell her about what happened? She told them that she was disappointed no one else respected her enough to tell her what Kalon said. Then she said she wasn’t going to hand out a rose that night. Her dream guy would fight for her, and really none of these guys did. But we knew Arie was THISCLOSE to telling her what happened.

See, this is how you know that Emily Maynard is a stand up, amazing woman. No, I don’t love everything about her. But on other seasons of this show the Bachelor or Bachelorette (like Ben) just gave the other people crap if they said, “so and so said this about you.” But Emily finds out if it’s true, and then deals with it.

The second one-on-one date went to Jef.

At the final cocktail party of the episode, Emily grilled the guys about why the rest of them didn’t speak up for her when Kalon disrespected her. “I’d like to know that somebody has my back,” she explained.

Luckily, Arie Luyendyk Jr.  did get a rose. Sadly, Alejandro did not. Sorry, Ale!

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