Travis wasn’t singing in the rain at the end of his date with Emily Maynard.

Emily and Travis had a one-on-one date where they explored the city and danced in the street.

Ryan wasn’t worried about their date, because he said Emily wanted a bit of a bad boy like him. His confidence was sky rocketing, which made it even more enjoyable when he wasn’t given a rose later.)

We learned that Travis had previously been engaged, and hadn’t dated much since that ended two years ago. “I was guarded,” he explained. Okay, okay… a little unusual but understandable.

As for the girls he used to date, he said they were like Emily to a T – with “attitude, energy…” (Who wants to hear there’s lots of other girls out there who are just like you? Ugh.) So what about Emily, how does she compare? He said he could see her in his life from now until forever. Pretty sweet. But did Emily agree?


She talked about how they had the foundation of friendship, but wasn’t sure if they had romance between them. So, why this poor guy was working on bonding he should have been a bit more flirty. I felt bad for him. But Emily was nice about not giving him the rose (although picking it up got his hopes up!).

“In so many ways it was so perfect, but in the biggest way it just wasn’t there,” she told the camera. And when it isn’t there, you can’t fake or force it. #Wisdom

Travis said, “rejection does suck.” And, “I’ve got a heart this big…” He let go of an umbrella in the rain melodramatically, looking like he was scripting his pain for the cameras as he walked down the street, alone, in the rain. Eh. Maybe his pain is real? Maybe it wasn’t. He made me doubt his sincerity in the end, which is the worst thing you can do.

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