The Bermuda Triangle date happened! One rose, two guys. Dun dun dun.

It was time to have a two-on-one date in Bermuda on The Bachelorette 2012. (Sidenote: Emily and her daughter looked a baby chicks in Bermuda and omg, so cute!) John the “Wolf” and Nathan were both up to bat. They met her aboard a … well, I can only assume it was a yacht. (It was a big boat.) Then they went cliff jumping. Emily wasn’t even scared.

They ate dinner in an underground cave, which looked really awesome and was full of stalactites. “Is this quinoa? It’s a, uh, very good fiber,” offered Nathan as some quality conversation. Oh, boy.

“I think I’m the whole package,” boasted Nate to the camera. He tried to talk about himself, but I kept feeling like it was way too late for Emily to get interested in him at this point. And Nathan was really sweet, too. Although I’m not sure why he was crying about why he loves his friend so much. (Too much wine!) Emily seemed to see him as more of a younger brother than a romantic partner. She even confessed that it was the sense that he was too young, that made the decision for her. Tough luck.

Meanwhile, Wolf man told Emily he thought they could click, and he had a lot of attractive confidence. When Emily had to make the tough choice, she decided to keep John the Wolf around.

The guys back at the house all voted to think John would come home, rather than Nathan. So, they were right. But it wasn’t that hard to guess. Nathan didn’t project much confidence. Better luck next time, guy!