Which guy wants Emily Maynard to put on superhero tights? It’s that awful Ryan!

After their boating excursion, the winning team got to hang out with Emily.

Arie and Emily shared a sweet moment of kissy kissy, cuddled in a blanket on the beach. “I’m so confident in what we have that I’m not threatened by anyone else in the house,” he told the camera.

Meanwhile, Jef hasn’t had any one-on-one dates yet, so he also snuggled up to her on the beach. “I really like who you are,” he confessed. “When we hang out, it’s like the best vibe. …I really like hanging out with you.” Emily was overwhelmed with happiness that he was finally opening up about his feelings. She looked at him with total “KISS ME” eyes, but he withheld. Which is good, because then they can even have a special kiss later.

Ryan became a creep. He wants her to live up to her full potential as The Bachelorette. I felt like he was quoting Spiderman (“with great power comes great responsibility.”) She was trying to test him about whether he’d still like he if she gained weight, and he evaded it. “God designed you to be a beautiful woman, so be a beautiful woman,” was his final answer. And then he talked about how Emily was a role model for so many people and why it was wrong for her and Arie kissing. Basically, he was pissed off about it and wanted her to feel guilty about it. “I just feel like he’s judging me,” Emily told the camera. Guess who didn’t get the rose on that date? Yea, it wasn’t Ryan.

The rose went to Jef. And he was “so shocked.” And I think he really did deserve it. I like Arie a lot,, but I also like Jef. Jealous as ever, Ryan called it a “safe move” to award Jef the rose, and kept saying there was a lot of depth between him and Emily. (He sounds like a cult leader trying to convince her of something. Yea. How romantic.)