Here is a recap of The Bachelorette 2012 season 3. While most of the dates went well (she even got to smash something!) Alessandro insulted her so badly that he was sent directly home (still clueless as ever.)

The Bachelorette (June 28) started off by showing Emily being treated to breakfast in bed by her Mother. (WHOSE Mother does that for them on a casual Tuesday morning? Please.) And, oh yea, her bed looked huge! Seriously, it seemed like a luxury hotel. Is Emily Maynard rich? Yes, I am totally jealous! I am an interior design nerd. I bet her sheets have the highest thread count ever, too… sigh. Okay, back to earth… or as “real” as an episode of The Bachelorette can be… (Don’t act like these dates are normal!)

There was one group date, and two individual dates for episode 3. Those one-on-one dates were with Chris and Arie Luyendyk Jr (the race car driver.)

Chris and Emily’s date turned dangerous, but ended up totally romantic.

Arie and Emily shared time in Dollywood,even meeting Dolly Parton. This pair really got close.

The group date involved Emily’s friends grilling “her boys.”

At the group cocktail party, Emily gets to smash Shelly the egg. Kalon wore “I’m indie” glasses. Then Alessandro insulted Emily and her daughter, getting a swift boot home. (He said that trying to make things work with Emily and Ricki would be a compromise of his life.)

In the end, we lost three men. And not all of them good.


Tony (set free by Emily because he wasn’t the one)
Alessandro (booted for being a jerk)
Stevie (no rose for him)