Jef Holm has a ranch, guys. Right there, it’s like, decision MADE. But he didn’t stop there on The Bachelorette tonight.

Jef Holm greeted Emily Maynard in Utah for their hometown date. In fact, it was at Holmstead Ranch… and I had to pause when I realized … his family has a ranch?! I want a ranch. Who doesn’t want a ranch?! (I didn’t spot horses… though.)

Despite telling Emily that she was dressed perfectly for their activities today… Emily was wearing a dress… which didn’t make sense for Four-Wheeling (or whatever) and Skeet Shooting. Apparently Jef doesn’t know much about fashion.

Not that Jef needed more stars on his resume, but Emily was pretty impressed by Jef being so much more country than she had realized he was. I think this was the biggest turning point in their relationship. She was already into him for being so hip and edgy, and then he showed a country side? She probably thought they were soul mates at this point. (But what about Arie?! Sigh.)

Jef’s parents weren’t there, but his siblings were. Of course, it was the parents who mattered to Emily on account of Jef confessing he’d broken up with a girl once because his parents didn’t like her. (And not just a casual girlfriend, someone he was thinking of proposing to!)

Emily was put through the ringer by Jef’s slightly-skeptical older brother, and she had some pretty excellent answers. Then, she sat with Jef’s three sisters. Dun dun dun… Emily asked them if he was ready for a 6-year-old kid. And the sisters felt like he is ready to settle down if it’s the right one. But they were curious about whether she would be willing to move to Utah.. and she said she’d go anywhere to give a true sense of a family for Rikki, and would move if that was what she was getting. It’s a very curious question to hear answered, because it seemed like Brad Womack and Emily had problems when it came down to where they would live.

It’s easy to see why Emily was in love with Jef’s huge, sweet family and that amazing country environment.

Jef sealed the deal by reading her a heartfelt letter he’d written to her, while they sat against the backdrop of a beautiful Western sunset.

She’s totally in love.

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